Edon Cup's



In this way we go out with our love of taste, human health comes first of all for us.

Edon Cup's always aims for perfection by using the best quality material with the experience it has.

We are trying to be beneficial to our country which we love very much by valuing domestic production with domestic capital. We produce frozen cakes in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and in homemade taste


By using the highest quality raw materials, we try to produce the most healthy pastries without using any additional ingredients. Instead of protecting our products with our chemical protectors, we keep our products with the most natural preservatives. We store the products we produce at -18 degrees, we deliver them to you at -18 degrees without breaking the cold chain.
We know that only the quality and taste of our products will not be enough to be successful, we promise you perfect service.
If we operate completely with domestic capital, we export only frozen pastry to many European countries by processing domestic raw materials


We care very much about Arge studies. Reminiscent of a laboratory, Arge always works on new tastes in our kitchen, constantly renewing. With unusual comments, we aim to bring new tastes to the sector.

  We want to succeed abroad that we have caught in the domestic market. We aim to increase our share in the international market, especially in the European countries, and to contribute to the appreciation and appreciation of Turkish products..